Q: How does this service work?
  1. Log in and register before your search.
  2. Search Homes or Apartments, select either New Homes and Communities, MLS, (for access to all the Preowned Homes for sale), or start looking for your next apartment, in the Dallas, Ft. Worth Metroplex (available 2004), Houston, San Antonio, And San Marcos Areas.
  3. Contact us via our ready to view properties link, under the Buy a Home tab (to see New Homes and any Preowned Homes you find in MLS, regardless of who is the listing Agent, we can help you with any home). We must be with you on your initial visit to the New Home sales office and we will make appointments for you to view homes in MLS. For apartments, simply hit the registration button onscreen and you are ready to go view the Apartment Communities at your leisure. (YOU MUST LIST FORSYTHE REALTY GROUP ON ALL GUEST CARDS AND APPLICATIONS AS THE COMPANY THAT REFERRED YOU) Itís how we get paid for our service and how you get your rebate.
  4. Register Forsythe Realty Group as your Realtor at apartments you visit as well as at New Home Communities, then come back to our website and click on request rebate. We must be with you to see anything you want to purchase from the MLS.
Q: Why do we have to register to use your site?
A: Most MLS, New Home Builders and Apartment Communities all require that Forsythe Realty Group demonstrate a client/broker relationship prior to giving customers access especially to MLS. By registering on our website you will enter into a relationship with Forsythe Realty Group that satisfies the client/broker relationship, therefore allowing us to grant you direct access to MLS information as well as all the New Home Communities and Apartments we refer you to. Registering does not obligate you in anyway, but it is a requirement for getting your rebate.

After you select homes off MLS, contact us via the ready to see properties button, under the Buy a Home Tab. We then pair you with one of our agents who will show you homes of interest in the MLS or meet you at a New Home Communities you wish to visit. In some cases we may be able to preregister you at the New Home Communities making it unnecessary for us to meet you at the New Homes. We will let you know if this is the case.

Q: Isn't it illegal to offer a kickback (rebate) to a non-licensed agent?
A: No, in fact, The Texas Real Estate Commission says that agents may contribute a rebate of their commission to the principals (the buyer or the seller) in the transaction.
Q: Why do we give cash back?
A: We give cash back to our clients, because of the technological advances we have incorporated into our business while decreasing the overhead we spend in the way we operate our business, we can afford to rebate part of our commission. Most companies spend a good portion of commissions on big fancy offices in several offices all over town. We know in fact that Clients would benefit more by receiving Cash Back as opposed to us buying expensive office furniture that most clients will never see. Since we are an Internet Real Estate Company we have Virtual offices all over the world, via the World Wide Web. You can get our assistance as well as search and view currently over 50,000 homes from any Internet connection in the World. With the power of the Internet we come to you. With Apartments we are paid out of the advertising budget of the apartment community where you lease. Our commission does not affect the rent or deposits that you pay. Real Estate agents/Apartment Locators are a huge source of referrals for the communities so the communities are happy to pay us a referral fee for introducing a new resident to their community.
Q: How do I qualify for a cash rebate as part of your program?
A: To qualify for a rebate you must not currently be under contract to buy or sell your home. As a home seller you will receive a cash rebate of 1% of the final sales price when you list and sell a home with one of Forsythe Realty Groupís agents. If the buyer of your home uses Forsythe Realty group as their agent to buy your home we will also rebate them 1%. This definitely gives your home an advantage over the competition since your buyers can receive 1% rebate also. When you buy a new home, to receive your cash rebate you must have a Forsythe Realty Group agent register and meet or escort you on your first visit to any New Home Community unless we instruct you that we can register you with the builder via fax/phone or email and that we do not need to meet you at the community on your first visit. Home sellers will list their home with Forsythe Realty Group with an exclusive right to sell agreement and once your house is sold you will receive 1% cash back after closing/funding.
Q: What do I need to do to get my cash back?
A: Buy your new home after registering with us and ensure that one of our agents is with you on the first visit, ensuring our Forsythe Realty Group is on the guest card as your referral source. Please do not accidentally put Internet or website as Builders have their own sites, and if you put this you will more than likely not receive a rebate, because we wonít get paid our commission. Then ask for a copy of the registration/guest card, have the sales agent sign and date it and mail it to:

Forsythe Realty Group
14902 Preston Rd # 404-362
Dallas, Texas 75254.

After the builder accepts the contract simply come back to our website site and click on the request rebate button.

When selling a home use Forsythe Realty to list and sell your home. When buying a Preowned Home we must represent you as your agent/ broker of record. Our Agent will make appointments to show you homes and handle all the transaction details. We can show you any home listed in MLS regardless of what company the seller has listed their home for sale with. Remember, our service is free to all buyers; you do not pay any fee or commission when you buy a home, New or Preowned since the seller/builder pays the commission on the sale. You receive the cash rebate. Simple as that.

Q: Can I get a cash rebate if my Builder/Developer is not listed on your website?
A: Most builders should be on our site. We pride ourselves on having a comprehensive list of all the buildersí communities. However, for whatever reason the community isnít, most builders will work with real estate companies. They count on us to bring them qualified buyers. We are paid out of most builders advertising dollars. You will receive a rebate in that case provided we receive our commission at closing/funding. Our referral fee should not in any way affect what you pay. You will still receive any builder incentives, cash off etc.
Q: How do I know I will receive a rebate from your company?
A: We are licensed Real Estate Brokers and agents governed by the Texas Real Estate Commission. We have a contractual agreement with rebate form holders who have followed the instructions. We are obliged to pay the rebate upon the closing/funding of your property and receipt of the commission from the Builder/Developer and/or seller. Funds for your rebate will come from the commission we receive. Once you have signed a purchase agreement on a new home or have executed a contract to buy a home we will send a follow up letter stating the approximate amount of your rebate.
Q: What if I am working with another agent but I want to get a rebate from Forsythe Realty Group?
A: You may be eligible as long as the other agent hasnít registered you with the builder/developer. If you have entered into an exclusive buyers agency agreement that covers any property you would buy for a specified time period, you would not be eligible until the agreement expires or is cancelled. If you are have any questions regarding this type of situation, then please contact Forsythe Realty Group info@anewplacetolive.com or call 1-866-41-REBATE.
Q: What if I have already visited the subdivision?
A: You would not be eligible, as you did not find the property through our website. We only ask the builders to pay our referral fee if we are the reason that you the client found out about the community. This is why it is important for our clients to register with us prior to the first visit with an onsite agent. However, some builderís policies vary. Please check with us regarding any questions of this nature. If we are the referral source where you found out about the community but didnít have us register you at the community, the Builders/Developers might still honor our referral. Donít chance it, always contact us first. If they wonít pay our commission, we canít give you a rebate. So please donít disqualify yourself from our rebate program. Let us know any community you find on our site that you are interested in before you visit.

Forsythe Realty Group has no relationship with Homebuilders/Developers on this site. We are simply a referral source for them and a way for you to share in the cash back program we offer. Forsythe Realty Group serves as a real estate broker in the sale of homes in the metroplex as well as apartments in Dallas/Ft. Worth. San Marcosł Houston and San Antonio. We do not charge anything to the Builders/Developers to be included on this website so you the client can feel confident that all properties are represented for your particular search, not a limited group of properties that pay to be included like some other websites.

Q: Is there any way I will not receive my rebate?
A: Yes, if you do not follow the instructions clearly laid out on our site and/or the Builder/Developer or Apartment Community refuses to pay our referral fee.

The Texas Real Estate Commission requires all parties are aware and in agreement of us giving you a rebate.

Q: Why should I choose Forsythe Realty Group?
A: Besides the obvious fact that we give a 1% rebate if you buy or sell your home according to our instructions. We also have a registered Licensed ASID designer come to your home and stage it for free, within the Dallas Metroplex, or we will provide you with our free home staging guide if you live out of the Dallas, Collin or Denton County city limits. We also specialize in Residential Real Estate and use the power of the Internet to keep our costs low through its speed and efficiency. Our site not only provides detailed information on all the new homes, access to all of MLS, (currently over 40, 000 Homes) we also provide photos, floorpans, information on current real estate news, helpful costs of living calculators, school, and community information, as well as give you access to preqaulifing for your loan. We also keep you abreast of what the current interest rates are doing and let you use a variety of online tools to help educate you on what could be the largest financial purchase of your life. Our property wizard in the MLS allows you to save your searches, get email notifications when new properties match your search requirements and print out your results. Then contact us for all the guidance you need to make your home dreams a reality. We will help you through the paperwork, and negotiations so things go smoothly. We will be with you every step of the way.

Thank you and please send your friends.

Karen L. Forsythe